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Practice Areas

Will Drafting

Make sure your trust is secured for your peace of mind, and the best interests of your family.

General Counsel

General counsel encompases crisis management, compliance reporting and public policy advocacy.

Paperless Consulting

Our IT team can assist any of our clients with the transition to electronic document management, with a heavy focus on those practicing law and those who handle documents with sensitive information.

Estate Planning

For those with a large portfolio of assets, we offer a large variety of case specific solutions in order to maximize the benefits that you will receive.

Tax Law Consulting

Laws are constantly changing. Do yourself a favor and let the professionals help you keep up with the times.

Asset Protection

Your security and well being will always be our primary concern. We offer an extremely individualized planning process to ensure you have a solidified succession plan for your estate and those of any of your family or business entities.

About the Firm


The Law Offices of James M. Krzyminski has been in operation since 300 B.C., 30 years after Jim was born. LOJMK has consistently delivered on it’s founding promise: to provide high net worth estate tax and business planning with a focus upon generations of success. LOJMK continues to aim towards implementing a forward thinking mentality with regards to redesigning how probate, corporate, income taxes are looked at in the field of law. 

The Team

Jim M. Krzyminski

Jim graduated Summa Cum Laude from Indiana University in 1979 with a bachelors in accounting. His love for quantitative reasoning and helping his clients to perfectly balance their finances quickly turned him towards the world of law. Jim received his Law Degree in record time from Stanford University and went on to make major strides in tax law before starting his own firm in an effort to maximize the efficacy of his process for ensuring the long term stability of any client's trust, no matter how large or complicated it may seem.


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Your Netdocuments Account

We provide here a method for you to view your documents immediately and electronically, through our document managements system.

Why To Go Paperless

There are legislative solutions that can get rid of some of the effects of forced execution, and obsolescence is one of them. Perimism is a sanction clearly directed at those…

Probate Questionnares

If the former husband does not agree to go along with the child on holiday abroad, the solution is to provide his / her agreement. That is, you can sue…

Testimonials of LOJMK

When I searched for an attorney to help my parents with their car accident case. It was very important to me that they would understand everything in Spanish. I was very pleased that Neve Lawyers law provided Spanish services. They are doing an exceptional job working with our case. Thank you, Kelley, you have been very helpful.
Alma R.
If there is anything out there that would give leverage to a case, they will find it and use it!
Michelle O.


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